Protein: Why You Need It + How To Eat It

    On a daily basis, you need to be eating protein, which is a vital macronutrient that provides the building blocks for so many aspects of your body. But how much are you supposed to be eating? Are you eating too little? Too much? What foods have protein in them? How do you measure it? Let’s tackle this topic and introduce you to some of our best tips and tricks.
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      Drinking Water: Why It’s Important + Daily Drinking Tips

      You know that drinking water is important. But have you been taught why? Between ailments that can rise to the surface if you don’t give your body enough water (depression, anxiety, etc.), the benefits of drinking water should not be understated. So let’s walk through benefits. How much you should drink. And our best drinking tips.
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        4 Ways You Might Be Wrong About Dumbbell Training

        Aren’t dumbbells an accessory movement? Won’t you get bored working out with them? Can you even get strong if you choose them over a barbell? When it comes to dumbbells, the myths are heavy. It’s time to debunk those myths one at a time and show you just what dumbbells can do for you.
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          What 3 Former Gym Rats Learned Using Dumbbells at Home

          Can you really get and stay fit working out with dumbbells? This is a valid question as dumbbells were always those items that lived in the corner of the gym and collected dust. Well, dumbbells are proving to be a worthy component and these three fitness enthusiasts have the stories to prove it.
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            2 Major Benefits of SLEEP

            Getting sleep is crucial for reasons you may not be thinking about and if you don’t get it, it negatively impacts your day to day lifestyle. A large majority of Americans are struggling with some type of mental health concern and sleep may be the solution, as it carries with it major benefits that your body needs.
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              Nutrition Hack: Strategy for Lasting Results

              When you change ONE habit at a time, you will be able to look back after a year and see how drastically different your nutritional habits have become without ever having to go through the overhaul all at once. You will feel in control, and you will be able to hold onto and live with those desirable results forever.
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                Couples that work out together: Our best tips and tricks

                Working out with your significant other is actually a great way to spend regular time together. Between releasing endorphins, watching your partner consistently push their physical and psychological boundaries, and just BEING in the same room with the person you love while you both take part in an activity that is bettering your quality of life, it’s a total win win.
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                  3 Tips for Setting Better Goals

                  When we try to go “ALL IN” on making a change, which is especially common during the new year, it usually doesn’t last. It’s not because something is wrong with you. It’s because humans aren’t designed to be “all or nothing” creatures. Very few of us can keep a commitment 100% of the time because we just don’t have the personality for it.
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                    What We Learned About Fitness In 2020

                    2020 was rough in many MANY ways, but when it came to fitness and unveiling the truth of what’s ACTUALLY required in order to live out a consistent fitness lifestyle, 2020 brought our fitness HOME. For many of us - this showed us that working out at home filled our physical, mental, and emotional cups in ways that we REALLY needed in order to navigate our way through the days and quite honestly - we love working out at home so much that we can’t really imagine wanting to go back to the way it once was.
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                      365 Workouts: How This Milestone Can Change Your Life

                      What if you put your head down and committed to completing 365 workouts?

                      We’re not talking about 365 workouts in a row (let’s be honest - rest days are important). But what if you accomplished it in 18 months? 2 years?

                      What if you completed simple workouts 4 days a week, no matter where you are in the world, no matter how unruly the kids are some days, no matter what chaos is taking place outside your doors?

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                      Constructing an Environment to Support Positive Habits

                      Because I committed to creating the environment  to support my habits over the last 5 years, COVID didn’t throw me off track to accomplishing my goals. Regardless of the gyms being shut down I still had the environment and resources I needed. I just needed to channel my discipline in order to seize the opportunity to get it done.

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                      Sugar Cravings: Why They’re Happening And How To Combat Them

                      Have you ever noticed that when certain factors change - such as the season transitioning from Fall to Winter, or when you’re having a bad day and feeling down - you start to crave more carbs, sugars, and higher calorie foods?

                      Interestingly enough, there are a few reasons for this.

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