These workouts can be done with extremely limited equipment, in very little space, and in a short time if necessary. Or if you have more time and equipment – you have those options too!






Program A, B, and C
Are versions of the daily workout based on the equipment that you have available that day. Feel free to bounce around based on what you feel like or have available on any given day. They will each have their own write up and description on both Members Only site and Wodify. These versions are posted Monday-Saturday.

ALL Street Parking Members have access to every version of the workout and every program! This allows you to pick and choose based on your situation that day - or as you progress!



For those with minimal equipment. Maybe only some dumbbells and a jump rope. Will sometimes include pull ups / ring rows or a kettlebell / med ball - but subs for those are always provided.



Not a full gym but you’ve got a bar and plates. Maybe you’ve got a pull up bar or some bands and a box, as well as dumbbells and a rope.



You’re at home set up is pretty loaded. You’ve even got a sandbag and maybe a rower or bike. Or you are doing the workout at a gym!



A more simplified version of the workout that requires only a kettlebell or light pair of dumbbells. Great for those who may be new to this type of training, those returning from illness/injury, pregnant/postpartum mamas, seniors, even your kids!

Ohh there's more,
way more!



Each Sunday we post the weekly accessory workouts on the Members Only site, Instagram and in Wodify. These workouts are NOT mandatory - and many of our members don’t do them at all. They are great for anyone who has the extra time, equipment, or just a simple desire to add one or more than one of these workouts in!

You will find suggestions DAILY on which of the weekly accessory workouts might fit in well with the regular daily workout for that particular day. You can either add this in on top of the workout - OR do it as its own thing! Make the program work for you!

ALL members have access to all workout options!


This workout is great for those interested in building strength using the “power” lifts. Think movements like the back squat, deadlift, bench press, strict press, or weighted pull up + accessory type movements to help improve these lifts. These workouts will have you going heavy and most if not all do require a barbell and potentially a rack. We typically suggest you fit this workout in before the main workout of that day if you are doing both in one session.


This workout is great for those looking to improve overall power, speed, and coordination through the olympic lifts and supporting exercises. Think clean, snatch, jerk and variations within those movements like power, hang etc. These workouts will all require a barbell and a few might be nice to have a rack. We typically suggest you fit this workout in before the main workout of that day if you are doing both in one session.


This workout is great for those interested in adding in extra work building strength and stamina through the use of isolation type movements. Add in movements like the bicep curl, tricep extensions...etc can help isolate potentially weak muscle groups and can also help balance out aesthetics if you care about that. Oh - and - they are fun! We typically suggest adding this in AFTER the main daily workout if you would like to add it in. You will find suggestions on which days work best in the daily write ups.


This workout is great for those interested in building strength, stamina, and balance in our body’s most important muscle groups - glutes, hamstrings, and core. These muscles are critical for more than just a nice butt and some abs. Many of the movements you see here will help in injury prevention of the hips, knees, and low back. Many of the exercises actually come from re-hab type training (like single leg lunges, step ups, etc). This workout is ALSO super fun, and there’s nothing better than feeling a little soreness in the booty. We typically suggest adding this in AFTER the main daily workout if you would like to add it in. You will find suggestions on which days work best in the daily write ups.


This workout is great for those interested in working on skill, stamina, or strength in gymnastics (bodyweight only) type movements. This will work on skills from just maintaining a strong body position in static holds, to working on skills like push ups, handstands, pull ups, with the occasional cartwheel or forward roll thrown in. It’s really like adult play and remembering how to control our bodies! Usually you can add this in either before or after the daily workout. Make it work for you!


This workout is great for anyone looking to add in a little extra focus on building an engine - or just enjoy spending time running, on the rower, or the bike. Each week will have a specific workout designed to either develop stamina, speed - or sometimes test both. You will always find a version for running, rowing, or biking (Assault type stationary bike, but can be modified to pretty much any stationary bike). We typically suggest these workouts be done on their own day or at least in their own session.


The Street Parking Sandbag workouts are workouts designed specifically with the sandbag in mind. Our community LOVES us some sandbag training and you will usually see a sandbag option of the daily workout (found in Program C) a few days per week. This accessory workout is going to be more specific to sandbag training and movements. We typically suggest that you just replace one of the regular daily workouts entirely with this workout and will provide suggestions in the daily write ups for where that will fit in best. On these days, you will see SWAP: Sandbag in the suggested accessory workouts section of the written workout.




These videos demonstrate all the movements/warm up flows listed in the daily workout. Remember: everyone has different needs, so pick a couple to try and see what works best for you. Feel free to mix and match to make it work for what you need or how much time you have each day!


As much as you are going to hear that consistency and intensity are key, we know you can’t go HARD every day - your body needs recovery to be able to stay consistent and healthy! To help with this, we have Street Parking Maintenance – easy to follow yoga flow videos that target specific needs and areas of the body, ranging from 5-25 minutes in length that you can do anytime you want to relax, mobilize, stretch or refresh mentally and physically.


We understand how the motherhood transition is going to be different for every woman and for every pregnancy. Each woman's needs and intentions, experiences and backgrounds will ultimately determine the type of training and movement that is right for them. Street Parking has a variety of options and resources to support all of the mamas in the community, with guidance and care from BIRTHFIT Regional Director and SP Mamas Coach - Carolina Stone.


We know you may want to work on developing a certain skill or strength - which is why we have a collection of Extra Programs for adding in a few times a week to help you in a variety of areas! These are for any level to follow along. Programs range 5-8 weeks, these include a Pull Up program, Push Up program, a Starting Strength cycle, Double Under progressions, Gymnastic skills, and our SP + Aerobic Capacity 5k Program!


Are you new to this style of movement or working out? Are you not sure what a movement in a workout is and want to see it broken down more than what is shown in the daily demo video? There are over 200 movements in the library to help you learn how to move well! You can search, sort by equipment type and visually learn the cues for moving.


Start with the basics!

The Street Parking coaches provide in-depth instruction, scaling options, and movement tips.


Street parking has 6 full time coaches who are just waiting to help you find what works for you! Through our private members only website, facebook and instagram pages you have access to daily demos, movement write ups, library, daily live tips, and so much more!!


The Street Parking Community is all about support. Through our online social media pages for members - like the private Street Parking Facebook Group and Private @streetparkingmembers Instagram account - you will not only have direct access to the Street Parking Coaches and staff - but to each other! And we have learned that there truly is nothing more motivational than seeing someone just like you making it happen.