Challenge Your Consistency in Fitness

The Julian vs. Miranda Challenge is a 4 week team competition where you have the chance to earn points for your team through consistency with your fitness. There are rewards (a year of bragging rights being one of them), camaraderie, and shenanigans like none other. It’s NOT a fitness competition where your workout score matters, and it’s not a nutrition challenge where you have a food chart to follow. It is many members' most beloved SP challenge because of the fun and accountability it creates for building long-term consistency. Or maybe it's just all the bird masks…

This year the gloves are off and we’re calling it what it is: a competition between teams, AND we’re returning to our roots — focusing on building or staying consistent with our fitness. That means the ONLY way to earn points for your team is through doing your Street Parking workouts. No extras, no frills, JUST fitness.

Who Can Participate

Any current Street Parking member.

  • For a non-SP member to officially join you, they must join SP first BY July 26th so they have time to register. Remember: it’s not guaranteed that they will be on the same team as you!

How It Works

Be consistent with your workouts: earn your team points.

There are 3 categories for points: Workouts, Bonus Points and the Challenge Tester Workout. (All explained below.) You do the workouts, you log and earn your points = you contribute to your team.

The team with the most points at the end wins the coveted Golden Peacock Champion Tee. Of course, improving (or proving) your consistency in your fitness while having fun with your flock is a win for everyone who participates.

About The Team: Gallos, Palomas, and Patos

First time participants do NOT choose their own team. Fate decides. You are randomly sorted into a team AFTER you register — and once fate decides, that’s your team…for life. We do not take request for teams, so don't even try.

Why are there birds? When we divided the community into teams for the first Julian vs. Miranda Challenge in 2018, we knew it would be like boxers getting into a ring. So obviously we needed larger than life personas to go along with such a battle. We quickly discovered there’s nothing like bird masks to help you stay consistent and feel like you are part of something great. As the community grew, so did the Challenge – and in 2021, the Patos emerged as a third team to take on the Palomas and the Gallos.

How To EARN Points

This is a team challenge, so every point you earn for your team is one more point toward victory and that Golden Peacock tee! YOUR JOB: Do what you can each day to earn points to contribute to your team and to your consistency.

Task Details

Any Street Parking Workout = 1 Point Per Day


  • Yes, you can complete up to 6 workouts per week (meaning 1 workout on 6 separate days) but no, it is not required that you do 6. 1-5 workouts per week will still benefit your team.
  • No, doing more than one workout a day does not get you more points. 1 point per day. That's it.
  • Yes, it must be a SP workout and yes, you can customize it.
  • No, Maintenance sessions do not count as a workout. Need that lower-intensity vibe? Try an Active Recovery session for a point! (Extra Programs > Specialty > Active Recovery)

Workout Options & Resources:

*Not loggable in the App or platform.

Task Details

Each Weekly Bonus Task = 2 Points Per Week

Each bonus task can only be completed once during the assigned week, not before, not after.

You will earn 2 points for completing the bonus task, plus 1 point for completing your workout.

Week 1 (July 31st–August 6th) Bonus Task Details:

2 bonus points if ONE of your workouts this week is any session from any STRENGTH Extra Program.

Week 2 (August 7th–August 13th) Bonus Task Details:

2 bonus points if you WALK for 60+ minutes this week.

    • This can be broken up throughout the week.
    • Aim for at least 10+ minute increments.
    • If possible, get outside for your steps.
    • The 60+ minutes of walking should be completed outside of your workouts.

Week 3 (August 14th–August 20th) Bonus Task Details:

2 bonus points if ONE of your workouts this week is any session from any SPECIALTY Extra Program.

Week 4 (August 21st–August 27th) Bonus Task Details:

2 bonus points if ONE of your workouts this week is a TEAM workout. This can be completed in person or virtually.

+1 bonus point if you can find a fellow bird from your team to do a TEAM workout with. (This could give you 3 bonus points total for the week).

What counts as a TEAM workout?

    • Street Parking Saturday TEAM version workout.
    • Street Parking Vault TEAM version.
    • Any TEAM Work or Dirty Work TEAM sesson.

Task Details

Week 1 & Week 4 = 1 Point Per Week

You’re spending four weeks working on fitness consistency, so why not see how you improve?! And while you’re at it, earn points by completing the Challenge Tester workout two different times:  

Week 1 = 1 point

Week 4 = 1 point

  • Yes, you can customize as needed.

  • It makes sense (but is not required) that you retest the same way as you completed the workout in the first week for an accurate comparison.

  • Yes, the Tester Workout will also count toward your Daily Workout points in the weeks it is scheduled.

  • No, you do not have to improve your score in order to earn the additional point.


  • It will be programmed on Wednesday, August 2nd as the regular Daily/SHIFT workout

  • Week 1: can be done anytime during the week of July 31–August 6

  • Week 4: retest it during the week of August 21–27

Pop-Up Points

We reserve the right to throw random Pop-Up Points throughout the challenge. These would be tasks where you could earn extra points for your team, but you would only have 24-48 hours to complete and log. Pop-Up Points would be shared on social media and in your email.

How To LOG Points

Points are logged weekly through a form you'll receive each Saturday via email during the challenge.

How To Log Your Points Weekly

  • Keep track of your weekly point totals using the JVM Checklist (digital or paper copy).

  • You'll be emailed the JVM Points Logging Form on Saturdays by 5pm PDT.

  • Your Points Logging Form responses must be submitted by Tuesday 2pm PDT.

  • Once points are submitted, you will receive an email confirming the information you entered. If you add “” as a “contact” in your email, it is more likely you will receive these emails instead of them going to the spam folder.

Logging Dates

Save the date, set reminders on your phone, or write it on your calendar!

Dates Form Must Be Submitted By

Week 1 Points: July 31st–August 6th

Tuesday, August 8th at 2:00 pm PDT

Week 2 Points: August 7th–August 13th

Tuesday, August 15th at 2:00 pm PDT

Week 3 Points: August 14th–August 20th

Tuesday, August 22nd at 2:00 pm PDT

Week 4 Points: August 21st–August 27th

Tuesday, August 29th at 2:00 pm PDT

Challenge Resources

Below you'll find resources to help you track your points during the challenge as well as some fun mascot downloadables you can share on your socials!

Task Tracking Resources

Printable Daily Checklist

  • Please hold onto your checklist and email confirmations from submissions.

Digital Daily Checklist

  • View Digital Daily Checklist
  • Digital Tracker Tip: If you are not signed into a Google account on your browser, you may be prompted to enter a Google sign in for access to copy the Digital Checklist. After you sign in (or if you are already signed in), you will be prompted to answer the question, "Would you like to make a copy of *JvM Checklist 2023?” Click on the blue “make a copy” button for your own copy of the Digital Checklist.

Important Note: You must submit your weekly points via the weekly JvM Points Logging Form regardless of which option you use to track for the Challenge.

Mascot Downloadable

Download your mascot and use it on your social posts aka "smack" talk!

Peacock Championship Tee

Once the grand prize winning team is announced, you will receive an email with instructions on how to order your earned Golden Peacock Championship Tee through the SP Shop.

Weekly Updates & Newsletters

JVM Challenge Tips

Your 2023 JvM Challenge TIPS

In this newsletter we provide you with a few helpful tips to allow you to find success in this challenge and be the best bird for your team.


Week 1

Week 1 Points Logging

In this newsletter you'll have access to the link to log your points from WEEK 1, and we'll share a few helpful reminders.


Week 1 Stats

The WEEK 1 POINTS have been logged and you 🦆 are here to ruffle some feathers.


Week 2

Week 2 Points Logging

We are almost halfway through the JULIAN vs. MIRANDA Challenge! In this newsletter you have access to the link to log your points from WEEK 2 and a few helpful reminders from Coach Kate on staying moving in this challenge.


Week 2 Stats

The WEEK 2 POINTS have been logged and you 🦆 are standing your ground.


Week 3

Week 3 Points Logging

In this newsletter you'll have access to the link to log your points from WEEK 3 and a few helpful reminders about today's workout and why we are doing it!


Week 3 Stats

The WEEK 3 POINTS have been logged and you 🦆 need to stay calm and hold your overall lead.


Week 4

Week 4 Points Logging

In this newsletter, you have access to the link to log your points from WEEK 4, a few reminders, and a word of encouragement from Coach Alex about what to focus on after the challenge finishes.



Use the Julian vs Miranda Facebook group. If your question is something you’re not comfortable posting on Facebook, email