What We Learned About Fitness In 2020


I need a gym membership in order to workout.

The more equipment I have access to, and the more time I spend at the gym, the better my results are going to be.

I need to be surrounded by other people working out for motivation.

I need a long list of class options, childcare, and a bougie locker room.

I DEFINITELY need matching, high waisted leggings and sports bras for each and every workout.


“My living room, garage, or back patio is a pretty convenient place to get my workout in.”

  • Inside the Street Parking program we have several versions of the daily workout. SHIFT and Program A are designed to accommodate those with minimal equipment and tens of thousands of SP members are utilizing the space within their homes to get their workouts done.

“I can do a lot more than I ever imagined with just a single pair of dumbbells.” (Also - apparently everyone else figured this out as well because finding “in stock” dumbbells in 2020 was as hard as finding toilet paper, am I right?!)

  • If you were forced to pick ONE piece of exercise equipment that you had to use for the rest of your life to get and stay fit, our professional advice would be to grab a pair of dumbbells. Want to see how Street Parking incorporates dumbbells into our programming? We’ve got you. Here are 7 free dumbbell only workouts you can work yourself through.

“I can do a lot and see great results in 30 mins.”

  • A common myth in the fitness industry is the longer the workouts take, the better the results will be. Not only is that NOT true, but ain’t nobody got the time for that (well...except maybe in 2020 you got the time for that. But during any other year..you’ve got things to do and places to be). Want to know how we know it’s not true? Because the average SP workout is 30 minutes or less and thousands of SP members are living proof that 30 minute workouts mixed with consistency over time is all that’s required to see positive and long lasting results.

people working out in garage

“Once I get started, I actually don’t need to be surrounded by a class full of other people in order to get a good workout in - or find intensity. I just need to get warmed up and blast a baller music playlist.”

  • Don’t get us wrong. We’re all about the vibes of that competition setting where the DJ is killin’ it with the beats and hundreds of people are all around you, chanting your name...but you don’t NEED that in order to push yourself to your physical and psychological limits during a garage gym workout by yourself. For real though - the right jams make you run just a little bit faster than you thought you could. Don’t underestimate a solid music playlist.

“I’ve actually learned to love having my kids see me work out. They’ve even wanted to join in a few times. I never knew what an impact this might make on their perception of a fit lifestyle.”

  • We used to drop our kids off at daycare or leave them at home so we could have that hour to ourselves, but what we didn’t realize is how healthy it is for them to SEE us working out vs. just knowing that we do it. The more they see it, the more it becomes normal, and one of the most effective things we can do to build better habits for ourselves and our kids is to expose them to environments where the desired behavior is NORMAL. By showing them that fitness is normal, they’re way more likely to want to be active too.

mom hugging her kid after working out

“When I work out at home, I can shower right after in my own bathroom, I can wear my jammies, I don’t have to have makeup on, and when things get spicy, I’m the only one who has to smell myself.”

  • Sometimes the hardest part about working out is the prep work it takes just to get ready for it. Working out at home eliminates most of those prep factors. Your equipment is exactly where you want it to be, you never have to worry about how you look, and if it’s laundry day and you’re fresh out of workout clothes, it doesn’t matter because you can throw on your jammies to get it done and no one is there to tell you otherwise. Working out at home becomes SIMPLE and simple is what we all need

2020 was rough in many MANY ways, but when it came to fitness and unveiling the truth of what’s ACTUALLY required in order to live out a consistent fitness lifestyle, 2020 brought our fitness HOME. For many of us - this showed us that working out at home filled our physical, mental, and emotional cups in ways that we REALLY needed in order to navigate our way through the days and quite honestly - we love working out at home so much that we can’t really imagine wanting to go back to the way it once was.


What I learned about fitness in 2020

Training became my avenue of relief from the craziness happening outside of my doors and it gave me a renewed sense of responsibility to train myself to be as ready as possible for whatever life may throw at me next.

Once I made the decision to be consistent regardless of how I was feeling that day, everything changed. I could always adjust, even if it meant taking a long walk.

Navigating my way through the changes that took place during 2020

Kids: Working out was always something I did “away” from my family and 2020 completely changed that. All year, my kids saw me in the garage every single day and they would often join in and want to do the SHIFT version (this version of the daily workout is great for kids) of the workouts after they finished their schooling! Modeling that healthy behavior for my kids and seeing them develop a love of fitness at an early age was one of the best things that could have happened in 2020, and I had never once thought about it until I started working out at home. Now I can’t imagine ever going back to the way it was.

Home gym: As the pandemic ramped up in March, I decided to start building out a home gym from scratch and it was a big change and a challenge. Equipment was hard to come by and I had to be really consistent with researching, waiting, and working out with what I had as I slowly but surely built up the garage gym. It took awhile but I’m almost completely done with building the garage gym I envisioned having!

Energy, patience, and dealing with change: 2020 presented a series of test after test after test. From lockdown, to job loss, to friends and family falling ill, etc. I’m proud of how I learned to simply show up and stay positive. It started with my fitness and then trickled into other aspects of my life, including how my entire family learned to navigate through the year with positivity and hopefulness for the future.

Paul Jackson