The Street Parking Nutrition Templates Explained

When it comes to nutrition we believe that consistency is everything and in order to find consistency, we as individuals need to find a routine that works for us and can be sustainable long term. 

We don’t believe in complex eating schedules, fad diets, cuts or macronutrient elimination diets (keto, low fat, etc.) because while they may yield drastic results in a short period of time, they do not yield sustainable results long term.

In our previous blog post “3 Steps to Building a Sustainable Nutrition Lifestyle,” we broke down our step by step process for how we help people make changes to their nutrition that will give them the best shot at staying consistent and reaping the benefits long term. Those 3 steps were:

  • Food Quality
  • Balancing Your Plate 
  • Utilizing Palm Method Measurements 

The purpose of those 3 steps is to guide you towards building a sturdy nutrition foundation and sustainable habits.  

Once you’ve developed consistency with the first 3 steps, your next option would be to consider purchasing a Street Parking nutrition template (keep in mind that you have to be an active SP member to gain access to our nutrition templates).

What Do the Street Parking Nutrition Templates Consist Of? 

The SP nutrition templates are a simplified approach to weighing and measuring food. They are customized for you as an individual, tell you what kinds of foods to eat, how much to eat, and help you build a strong nutrition foundation that will actually be sustainable for your personal lifestyle. One of the key advantages to our nutrition templates is that you don’t need to track your food in a complicated app because we’ve done the legwork for you by breaking everything down into easy to understand serving sizes.

There Are 3 Types of Nutrition Templates to Choose From:

  1. Fat Loss Template: This template is for those looking to lose body fat and see body composition changes. We recommend that most of our members start with this template
  2. Performance Template: This template is for those looking to maintain current body weight and/or gain weight. This template also applies to those with a higher activity level or train for 1.5 hours or more per day
  3. Postpartum Template: This template is for our Mamas that are going through their postpartum recovery process and/or breastfeeding 

Each Template Provides You With:

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the template
  • Guidelines for how many servings of protein, carbs, fats and vegetables you should eat at each meal (based on a 4 meals/1 post workout meal layout)
  • Specifications based on gender, weight range and goals
  • Guidelines for how to modify your meals for rest days, wanting higher carb intake around your training, etc.
  • A food chart with lists of suggested proteins, carbs, fats and vegetables
  • The ability to pick the foods you like and simply fill your serving sizes for each meal (no crazy tracking or apps needed)

Real Stories From Street Parking Members Who Utilized the Nutrition Templates

Erin Walters 

I joined Street Parking in July 2018, a year into my fitness/weight-loss journey. At first, I was only focused on the Street Parking workouts and doing my own thing in regards to my nutrition. In Oct 2018, the Fall Into Consistency challenge came up and I decided to try out the Nutrition Template. 

Prior to doing this challenge my weight had always fluctuated back and forth because I would stick to some super unsustainable diet and fitness routine for a while, but eventually would give up and go right back to being sedentary and eating junk food all the time. 

It was during this challenge where I realized this nutrition and fitness journey was a marathon, not a sprint. It wasn’t a 4 week challenge or something temporary, but a lifestyle change, and that is why all of my other attempts at losing weight or becoming healthier had failed.

The template truly has become a lifestyle to me, something that I will be able to sustain long term. I’ve realized that the quality of my food matters so much and makes me feel so much better and perform better in workouts. I’ve also learned how simple it is to eat well, and that if I make sure to meal-prep and plan out my week, I don’t have to log or track everything that goes in my mouth, I can just live my life. It’s so freeing.

The template has also taught me that consistency is better and more important than perfection. If I have an off meal, day, or even an off week, I don’t have to stress about it because this is a lifelong journey towards health, not a quick fix. I no longer even have a goal weight, nor am I focused on what the scale says. I’m not worried about how quickly the weight comes off anymore. I’m just living my life, eating the right things, doing my fitness, and trusting that because I’m fueling my body properly and taking care of it, the change will happen (and in the past year and a half amazing change has happened), even if it takes longer than I originally expected. 

Greg Schneider

Prior to buying the Street Parking Nutrition Template, I had lost about 30 pounds on my own nutrition plan, while following the daily Street Parking template. I got stuck at about 204 pounds and plateaued there for a bit while playing with different foods and ratios. In the long run I realized that my macro ratios were way off for what I actually needed in order to train and lose weight while performing.

I bought the (181-200lb Performance Male) Nutrition Template during the 2019 Fall into Consistency challenge and spent the first week doing trial and error to find the meals and prep system that worked best for me. Here were a few things I found worked best for me and my family:

  • Prepping large batches of simple foods
  • We mix and match while subbing fresh cooked items like roasted or grilled veggies and proteins
  • We regularly keep large tupperware bins full of rice, chicken, green beans, avocado, ground beef, etc in the fridge
  • I prepare 5 lunches for my work week at the same time
  • I cook my breakfast fresh every morning
  • We make dinner with a combination of fresh and already prepared foods
  • We keep a large selection of spices in our cabinet so that I can consistently change the taste of the meals 

After following the template during my first 6 week challenge, I had lost about 12 pounds and I wasn’t even weight loss focused!

Since the challenge I have continued on with the template lifestyle, have lost about 9 inches, gained muscle while losing body fat, and made some pretty big strength gains. I’ve hit a 30# squat PR, my times, reps and weights on workouts are consistently improving, and I have more energy which has allowed me to cut back on stimulant products.

Template life has quite simply changed how I look at food and how I eat, for the better. I enjoy my splurge meals much more because they're meaningful. This is truly a nutrition plan that allows you to control the reins fully, yet be sustainable for the long run. 

Ideas for What Meals to Cook

As you read through these stories you probably noticed that the individual person has to find systems and foods that work best for them in order for them to sustain their nutrition habits.  

We know that not everyone is a chef in the kitchen so we added in another perk for our active Street Parking members: access to weekly recipes from Coach Molly that provide instructions and are nutrition template compliant.

Want to see some examples of recipes that our members have access to that follow the nutrition template? CLICK HERE.