How Team Workouts Will Push You To The Next Level

Rather Listen?

Team workouts are on the horizon for the summer of 2023!

We know not everyone will be overly keen on jumping in to do a team workout, and for many of us this will be getting out of our comfort zone in more ways than one.

But whether you love team workouts or not, there are MANY reasons we would encourage ANYONE to participate in a team workout.

Participating in a larger community and working out with others has an amazing ability to push us to the next level. And when we say “push to the next level,” we aren't necessarily referring to the physical impacts it will have. Although there most definitely will be positive physical impacts, we’re mostly referring to how you can build stronger relationships through shared suffering along with an element of “fun” that we don’t always get when working out alone.

Building community is quite possibly one of the best things we can do for our mental health. While we have a strong community at Street Parking, we want to continue to strengthen that community by encouraging EVERYONE and ANYONE to get together with their local Street Parkers (or non-Street Parkers) and throw down by doing one of our many team workout options!

Team workouts will be our theme for the summer of 2023…. ARE YOU READY?

Here are a few reasons we think doing Team Workouts will push you to the next level!

Team Workouts Will Challenge You Both Mentally & Physically

1. Team workouts will push you harder.

Team workouts will push you both mentally and physically. Generally speaking when doing a team workout you will push harder than if you were working out alone. Knowing that others are relying on you to perform can give you a positive push to show up in a way that goes beyond doing it for yourself. You will go harder for your teammate — pushing both your physical and mental boundaries, while at the same time reaping the benefit of having someone there to support you along the way.

“Having people rely on me but also believe in me allowed me to push a lot more and further than I thought I could.” - Molly Vollmer

2. Team workouts will push your intensity.

Doing team workouts will push your intensity. Whether your working in a “you go, I go” format or feeling the pressure of your teammate, your intensity will be challenged beyond what you’re comfortable with. This might sound overwhelming or scary; however, this is a great opportunity to push outside of your comfort zone. Use this time to push past what you're comfortable with, and you will start seeing the physical impacts carry over to your solo training sessions.

3. Team workouts will expose your strengths and weaknesses.

There will be workouts that play to your strengths and others that don’t. Team workouts do a great job at exposing where we can make improvements, but also at giving us confidence in the things we’re good at. For those movements you feel strong in, this is your opportunity to pull your team through and USE your strength to benefit your team. For those movements that we might consider our weakness, this is our opportunity to challenge ourselves, push past what we’re comfortable with, and lean in for support.

“Working out on a team will push you to be BETTER at both your strengths and weaknesses.” - Miranda Alcaraz

4. Team workouts will build better awareness.

When you're working out on a team, you have to be more aware of your surroundings: how your teammate is feeling, when it's time to rotate, what rep you're on, and if you're doing any synchro work that you're staying in sync with one another. It can be so easy to shut your brain off and just go during workouts. Doing a team workout will force you to stay in the moment by paying more attention to how you’re feeling so that you can continue to show up and push hard for your team in the best way possible.

Team Workouts Will Build Your Community

1. Team Workouts Build Camaraderie.

Doing team workouts is one of the best ways to build camaraderie — a friendship or bond that cannot be matched while working hard towards a common goal. If you’ve done any team workouts, you’ve hopefully experienced that feeling of finishing a workout, looking at your partner and saying “We did it, TOGETHER” while knowing without them you wouldn't have given the same effort. You took yourself to a much deeper place than you ever thought possible for the good of your team, and because of that, you share an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment in your efforts.

2. Team Workouts Will Bring Value Through Shared Suffering.

Shared suffering easily coincides with building camaraderie and will continue to build a stronger bond between you and your partner while creating memories that will last a lifetime — and hopefully at some point you can laugh about them later. 

Shared suffering goes far beyond yourself. You become less concerned with how you feel and more concerned with how your partner is feeling. In most team workouts there will be a point when one partner is struggling more than the other, and then vice versa depending on the workout. Pulling your team through OR pulling each other through at the same time has an amazingly positive impact on your ability to work together as a team. You will experience physical and mental challenges, but the true joy is when you're able to lean in, trust one another, and build team loyalty. 

Team Workouts Will Build Your Confidence & Patience

1. Team Workouts Will Build Confidence In Pushing Your Boundaries.

A huge benefit to doing team workouts is letting others push your personal boundaries… within reason, of course. When you’re working out on a team, you do have a personal responsibility to stay in your own lane and within your own limits. However, it can also be a great time to push just a little bit, beyond what you might be comfortable with. Learn to be ok with two things: 1) going outside your comfort zone to build confidence in your ability and 2) adjusting on the fly if it's not working out the way you anticipated. It can be so easy to get into our own rhythm, afraid to try anything new and challenge ourselves. Stepping outside of what you're comfortable with in a team workout will be great practice for pushing yourself when working out alone. Make smart choices that are challenging but not over the top while leaning into your team for support and guidance!

“The end result is not personal satisfaction — it's seeing the individual and what they learned from that workout realizing they’re OK and that they did do something challenging. The reward is seeing them continuing to better themselves.” - Julian Alcaraz

2. Team Workouts Will Build Your Patience.

There is no doubt team workouts will require patience. Not just with others but with yourself as well. You may go into a workout feeling very confident in your weight choice and end up having to adjust on the fly, or you might feel very confident in the movements but it just seemed way harder than you anticipated. In this very moment it's so important to practice patience with yourself. Meet yourself where you're at while being ok with adjusting weight or reps — letting your ego go — so you can show up in the best way for your team. Learning to adjust on the fly is quite possibly one of the greatest benefits you can bring to any team workout! 

Team Workouts Are Fun

Team workouts are straight up fun! We encourage everyone to get after these. By no means do you need to be doing these everyday, but we encourage you to get together with your friends on the weekend or host/attend a meet up and get after it! 

The goal for team workouts is to have FUN and work hard!! Don’t take any of these workouts too seriously, utilize your fitness freedom, and customize when needed just like you would with any Daily Workout.

This summer will be all about team workouts while pushing your intensity in cahoots with another person!

Let’s get after it!!

Where Can I Find Team Workouts?

  • Saturday Team Workouts

    • Every Saturday we program a team workout. Go to any Saturday and find one that works for you!
  • Extra Program Team Workouts

    • This Extra Program will include 16 different team workouts with both a 2- & 3-person version! Will be available to Street Parking members on 06/01/2023!

Tips For Doing Team Workouts Virtually!

We understand that not everyone has the ability to workout in person, but we still encourage everyone to participate in the Team Workouts. Most of these can easily be done over streaming services like Zoom, FaceTime, Instagram Video Call, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

3 Tips To Doing Team Workouts Virtually:

  1. Make sure you have a screen that is big enough to clearly see your partner, especially when working in a “you go, I go” format. Regardless of screen size, be sure to communicate verbally with your team!
  2. It might be hard to do synchro movements over zoom, so we recommend each teammate do the written number of reps at their own pace then moving forward with the workout once each team member hits that number.
  3. Practice your fitness freedom and customize when necessary! This is the same message you hear us ALWAYS preaching. No workout has to be done exactly the way it's written. Use any equipment that works for you while using Coaches Notes, the workout Goal, and Suggestions as a guide.