Couples that work out together: Our best tips and tricks

You know what they say about couples that workout together?

Lol ok we don’t either but we do know this….

After sitting in traffic for an hour.

Making sure your kid got their math homework done (what the heck is common core?).

Taking the dog on a 30 minute walk.

And meal prepping for the next 3 days.

There just seems to be no freaking time left for you and your partner.

Here’s the cool thing.

Working out with your significant other is actually a great way to spend regular time together. Between releasing endorphins, watching your partner consistently push their physical and psychological boundaries, and just BEING in the same room with the person you love while you both take part in an activity that is bettering your quality of life, it’s a total win win.

So from our team to yours, here are some of our best tips for working out with your significant other.


  • My husband and I like working out to the same workout, so we prepare the night before and decide which workout we will be doing the next day
  • We always talk about which version of the Street Parking workout we will do the next day, which helps us know who will be using what pieces of equipment
  • My wife hates burpees so in order to keep the peace I coordinate the day before and make sure the workouts we do together don’t have burpees in them!
  • Having a toddler makes working out together really hard so when we do get that chance, no matter if we’re doing more than nothing, going full send, or just doing some maintenance together, being in the garage together ALWAYS reminds us that we’re a team
  • We like to encourage each other mid workout, which quite honestly is partially for us because we want to chase the rabbit
  • We always ask each other if we want to be cheered on or left alone that day, and then do whichever one the other person prefers that day
  • We never do partner workouts without some solid butt cheeks slaps. They’re a requirement in our household
  • To keep the intensity high, the person who doesn’t hit the goal of the workout has to put the equipment away
  • We like to switch up our environments to keep it fresh so we’ll rotate between the living room, community gym, at the park, etc.
  • Keeping the workouts short convinces both of us to commit to actually getting it done. Thankfully SP specializes in consistently programming workouts that can be done in the 20 minute range
  • We pregame with our kids to make sure they have everything they need (snacks, movies, games, etc.) so we can have uninterrupted time to workout with each other
  • Because of the baby, we keep our workouts casual which during this season of life keeps working out simple and fun vs. yet another exhausting task to take on for the day
  • Sometimes we have to change up the workout midway through and do baby squats but we just go with it. The point is to get it done, not to get it done perfectly
  • We’re all about competition but we keep it friendly. The second someone gets legit upset, we know we’ve gone too far and need to back it up
  • Know your partner's pre-workout routine. If they need time to warm up and you don't usually do as much - give them a few extra minutes
  • Don't forget to tell them good job - and that you are proud of them - especially if you know they have had a rough day

Street Parking isn’t just a workout program. The entire system has brought our fitness home and gifted us with the time to actually workout with our spouses and it’s been a game changer.

So cheers to more workouts as a couple and utilizing these tips to find the perfect blend of what works for you, your spouse, and your lifestyle.


Looking for a fun team workout you can tackle with your partner?

In Teams of 2 Complete:

  • 200 KB/DB Swings
  • 200 KB/DB Goblet Squats

One person works at a time. Anytime you want to switch - you must BOTH do 5 burpees.

Make sure each person chooses a weight that will allow them to get 10-20 reps with good movement each time it is their turn.

Suggested Loading:
Men: 35-50# Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Women: 25-35# Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Score: Total Time

Goal: 15-20 Min