4 Ways We Are Helping Members Take Control of Their Fitness in 2022


As we dive into a brand New Year - The Street Parking Members will have all of the tools they need to “take control” or “keep control” of their fitness.

Here are the 4 main ways we are keeping ourselves on track, accountable, and having fun this year!

New my.streetparking.com Platform 

In October of 2021, Street Parking (finally) launched our new workout delivery and logging platform. After 5 years, we finally have all the workouts, demos, logging, and extra programs all in one SUPER easy to use place. And we are just getting started. Whether you find motivation by tracking your progress with the badges in the Trophy Case, or are ready to take on one of our 40 Programs to help you reach your personal goals - the my.streetparking.com platform has been an absolute game changer!

(Official mobile app will be ready SUPER soon as well!)

 2022 Street Parking Vault

It’s year 3 for the crazy popular Street Parking Vault. This 6 month long challenge is the ultimate test of consistency. 25 workouts. One workout per week. Scores don’t matter - you just CAN’T miss! Do you have what it takes to call yourself a 2022 Street Parking Vault Finisher??

First 2022 Vault workout will be released Jan 7, 2022. Learn more about the 2022 Vault and how you can join us here.

2022 Control Your Fitness Challenge

When it comes to New Years Challenges, Street Parking doesn’t believe in overhauling your entire life, pantry, and fitness routine all at once. We know that massive changes like that just won’t be sustained past February (if you even make it that far). The Control Your Fitness Challenge is all about setting yourself up for success in 2022 by focusing on building sustainable habits. We want you moving YEAR ROUND - not just when motivation is high.

Control Your Fitness Challenge starts Jan 17, 2022. (You must join Street Parking and sign up for the challenge by Jan 12 in order to participate).

Workout Consistency Trackers

(75/365/1000/Extra Program Counters)

For 5 years the Street Parking Members have celebrated milestones. 75 workouts. 365 workouts. 1000 workouts complete! In 2022, we have added “Extra Program” counters. Now, you can keep track of how many Strength, Endurance, Specialty, or Skill workouts you complete this year! This will allow you to set specific goals for yourself and watch the number go up all year long!

Bonus Tools:

Street Parking ON Ramp

  • A new program to help YOU gain comfort and confidence.  Whether you have never trained before at all, are new to this type of training, or returning after a long hiatus. This program is the PERFECT place to start and find your footing in 2022! As always, all Street Parking Members have access to ALL programs - this one included!

Focus Groups

  • In 2022, the FREE for members Street Parking Focus Groups will be back!  Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to join other members who share the same goals for their health and fitness. These focus groups were super popular in 2021 and will keep you engaged as you work through some of our Extra Programs with other members!

Small Group Nutrition

  • Street Parking Group Nutrition is a way to work on building habits, and familiarizing yourself with the Street Parking Nutrition Templates with a small group of other members and dedicated help from our Street Parking Nutrition staff. The small group feels like one on one coaching - without the one on one price tag! Small Group Nutrition opportunities happen year round!

More to come! (More programs, more badges, more challenges)

Start taking control of you fitness by joining the Street Parking community today! Learn more about our program and pricing options here.