UHTR 2022

The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run (@ultimatehawaiiantrailrun) has always been special to Street Parking and a favorite event in the SP community, having gathered both on and off island to support the work of the Keala Foundation.


The UHTR is the biggest fundraiser for the Keala Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to building healthy communities that support the youth of Hawaii.

It is the belief of the Keala Foundation, and Street Parking, that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment.Hawaiian youth and their families are being devastated by the prevalence of substance abuse. The Keala Foundation provides resources to help kids of all ages find connection, and fitness, together. Keala’s programs serve the youth on-island, as their physical, mental, and socio-emotional health is more important than ever right now.

The SP mission of creating a community for anyone to take control of their fitness as a means of bettering every aspect of their life aligns with the mission of the Keala Foundation, which is why Street Parking is proud to sponsor the 2022 Virtual Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run.

The Virtual UHTR is accessible for anyone to participate. You can run, bike, row, walk or ruck - on your own, with your keiki, at a local meet up, or simply join the virtual Street Parking Ohana. And you can know that no matter where you are, you are making a difference.

Make an Impact.
Race with us.

September 17th, 2022

Registration open August 2 - September 17

*When you register, be sure to choose "Join a Team" and select STREET PARKING!

Virtual Race Entry | $50

Race entry sponsors a child for 1 month of CrossFit classes in the Keala program!


  • Digital Bib that enters you to win items from our partners: ASSAULT, BUBS, GORUCK, YETI
  • Opportunity to join a SP meet up all over the country to 'race with us'...from home!
  • Resources from Street Parking to help you get ready to run, ruck, walk or customize your at home UHTR!
  • First access to the Street Parking Beach Club tee shop drop to benefit the Keala Foundation
  • 1 month of SP Membership* 

*Current SP members will NOT receive an SP Membership Gift Card.

New for 2022

Coming soon to the SP Shop: the “Beach Club” unisex tee. Bring the Aloha vibes year round with this ‘apparel with a purpose’ purchase, as proceeds from your order will benefit the Keala Foundation. Stay tuned for Shop Drop release date.


Take advantage of the Street Parking resources as you prepare for the Virtual UHTR


  • Utilize the SP Endurance Extra Programs:
    • Street Parking x Aerobic Capacity 5k Program
    • Street Parking Extra Endurance Program
    • 52-Week Endurance
    • Assault Bike Wave
    • Rowing Stamina  
  • New this year is a GORUCK division for the on-island UHTR - so why not check out the SP x GORUCK Rucking Program in the “SPECIALTY” Extra Programs and participate virtually with a 5k or 10k ruck?!


  • Host a meet up! Gather some of your local friends and SP community to capture the spirit of the UHTR and plan a meet up to do the virtual UHTR together. Use any variation of fitness freedom to customize the workout so anyone can participate, whether it’s a 5k or 10k.

Social community connect- Share the UHTR and Keala message in your own socials and connect with the greater UHTR community participating! Use/search #ultimatehawaiiantrailrun in your posts