Street Parking x Gym Gypsy Journal - SPRING 2020

Workout Journal

The Spring edition of the SP + Gym Gypsy runs three months:April - June 2020
Street Parking members know that one of the habits we find most helpful when it comes to building and maintaining consistency is logging. One of our favorite tools for logging is the Gym Gypsy journal. Created specifically to track more than just workouts, it’s filled with space to thoughtfully track different aspects of your health, goals, habits and overall wellness and each page features specific Street Parking program related prompts for you to make work for you! 

Featuring : "Paying Attention" and other Jeb in Flow-inspired mindfulness pages with plenty of space to write, plan, dream and reflect for each month. 

Daily pages include notes for:
Workout results 
Accessory & Extra Programs results
Daily goals
Daily intention
Water intake
and more! 
Monthly & Other pages include: 
3 Month Goals & Action Plan
Monthly Calendars
Monthly Goals