Sample Programming

Workout 1 Workout 1

Workout 1

For this workout we want you to be able to go close to unbroken on the swings. This is why there is no RX +. Choose a weight that will allow you to do that.

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Workout 2 Workout 2

Workout 2

Choose a weight for this workout that you feel you will be able to do the sets of cleans and push press without much breaking.

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Workout 3 Workout 3

Workout 3

Wait – there’s an RX+ option for the devil press now?! Some of you have been members for over a year – you have done these a lot! See what happens!

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Workout 4 Workout 4

Workout 4

For this workout you will start by picking up the dumbbell with the right arm. Bring the dumbbell to the waist. From here you will dip the chest forward allowing the dumbbell to go between the legs. Keep the heels down and back flat.

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